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  1. Prologue: Thoughts on raising the standard of living in Bangladesh by increasing the productivity of labor & the productivity of dairy cows. (15 April 2000)
  2. Ideas for Improving Profitability in the Agricultural Sector of Ukraine (2 November 1999)
  3. Canola Meal - An Option for Satisfying Ukraine's Protein Deficiency Problems for Dairy, Beef, Swine and Poultry! Feeding Guidelines. (July 1999)
  4. Comments on the Feasibility of Rosan-Capital Refurbishing and Operating an Unused Swine Facility (13 May 1999)
  5. Interview with Ruslan and Lyudmila to learn their methods for success (assisted by Sergei Kiral, Land O'Lakes, L'viv) (January 1999)
  6. Executive Summary of Interview with Ruslan and Lyudmila – private farmers (January 1999)
  7. Feed and Livestock Industry Development Proposal (19 November 1998)
  8. Why Study Competitive Strategy and the Free Enterprise System? (July 1997)
  9. Russia's Transition to a Market Economy & Introduction for REC's section on Competitive Strategy in the RAATP final project book (July 1997)
  10. Why Study Competitive Strategy? [Schemas] (July 1997)
  11. Roy Chapin's report, conclusions and comments after visiting a collective farm (now called JSC) located in the Ivanovo region 400 kilometers NE of Moscow (Moscow, 11 May 1997)

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