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  1. Short-Course on: How to Feed Your Lactating Cows Based on What Your Eyeballs & Brain Tell You (28 May 2004)
  2. Discussion of the Relative Value of Soybean Meal vs. Sunflower Meal for Lactating Dairy Cows and Ideas on How to Prove It in the Field (19 May 2004)
  3. Comments on the Milk Money Maker Budgeting & Feed Selection Spreadsheet Results for Kosovo (CARE International). (2 September 2003)
  4. Interactive Milk Money Maker (Kosovo) (2 September 2003)
  5. Report of LOL & ACDI/VOCA Sponsored Farmer to Farmer Trip to Morozovsy JSC Dairy, Karasuk, Novosibirsk, Russia (19 August 2003)
  6. Comments on the Milk Money Maker Budgeting & Feed Selection Spreadsheet Results for Morozovsky JSC in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia. (19 August 2003)
  7. Directions & Explanations on how to use Roy Chapin's (1) Feed Analysis Spreadsheet & (2) Interactive Milk Money Maker Budging Tool. (19 August 2003)
  8. Interactive Milk Money Maker (Siberia) (19 August 2003)
  9. Protein Analyses of Feedstuffs (Dry Matter Basis) with Emphasis on Amino Acids, Soluble Protein, RDP & RUP (19 August 2003)
  10. Letter from Roy Chapin to Dr. Flissak on Steps Needed to Start Producing Liquid Feeds for Dairy and Beef Animals in Ternopil Oblast (30 June 1999)
  11. Summary of Benefits of Using Beet Molasses to Manufacture Liquid Feeds for Ruminants in Western Ukraine. (21 June 1999)
  12. Projected Economic Benefits to the Producers (sugar refineries) and Users (dairy & beef feeders) from Feeding Liquid Feeds in Ukraine. (8 June 1999)
  13. Formula for 32% Crude Protein Liquid Feed Made from Beet Molasses. Formulated for Control Feeding but Self Feeding May Be OK. (7 June 1999)
  14. Using Beet Molasses to Make Liquid Feeds for Ruminants. Formulation, Manufacture, Delivery and Feeding. (13 May 1999)
  15. Answer to your question on forage quality, cutting and preservation (25 January 1999)
  16. How to improve feed rations in Ukraine (25 January 1999)

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