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Formula for 32% Crude Protein Liquid Feed Made from Beet Molasses. Formulated for Control Feeding but Self Feeding May Be OK.

The following formula for a liquid feed containing 32% crude protein, 34% total invert sugars, 1% phosphorus, vitamins and trace minerals with 63% dry matter is specific for the Zbarazh Sugar Refinery. See my earlier paper on formulating and using liquid feeds.
65.0%   Beet Molasses - 82% brix and dry matter
3.8%   Phosphoric Acid - Feed Grade 85% containing 27.4% phosphorus
31.2%   Urea Solution* 31% urea & 69% water by weight - 87% protein equivalent

To the above mixture add the following trace mineral premix at 7.5 kilograms per metric ton of liquid feed (0.75% of the liquid feed) plus a vitamin A, D and E supplement:

Kilograms of Trace Minerals to add per one metric ton (1000 kg) of liquid feed

0.020Cobalt Sulfate (CoSO4.H20) 21% cobalt 
0.920Copper Sulfate (CuSO4.5H20) 25% copperDANGER! Do not feed to sheep as this level of copper can kill them!
1.900Ferrous Sulfate (FeSO4.7H20) 21% iron 
2.150Manganese Sulfate (MnSO4.H20) 25% manganese 
0.010Sodium Selenite (Na2SeO3) 45.6% seleniumPremix Se into a 2% Se premix
2.500Zinc Sulfate (ZnSO4.H20) 36% zinc 
7.500Kilograms Trace Mineral Premix Added Per Metric Ton of Liquid Feed 

Plus add the following amount of vitamins A, D and E

 Per kg of Liquid FeedPer Metric Ton
Vitamin A, IU100,000100,000,000
Vitamin D, IU20,00020,000,000
Vitamin E, IU25 - 15025,000 - 150,000

Vitamins A, D and E are available commercially mixed in liquid form. Add the amount needed for 100,000 IU of vitamin A per kilogram of liquid feed. Let the vitamin D and vitamin E levels adjust accordingly. I'll get the costs for vitamins and trace minerals.

* Mix the Urea Solution by adding 31 parts (by weight) of dry urea to 69 parts of water and bubble with air to mix. (In one metric ton of liquid feed you'll need 312 kilograms of this urea solution, which can be made by dissolving 96 kilograms of urea in 216 kilograms of water. Heat the water, as dissolving urea in water takes energy. Tables are available that show the temperature at which a 31% urea solution will freeze. Liquid feeds containing a urea solution, molasses and phosphoric acid will not freeze. The feed will be thicker in cold weather but you can still pump it. Shelf life is up to six months.

Feed iodized salt free choice. A free-choice mineral supplying calcium, phosphorus and potassium (?) mixed with iodized salt plus additional protein may be needed depending upon the ration feedstuffs. The liquid feed supplies adequate vitamins and trace minerals.

Feed the liquid feed at 10% of the ration (90% dry matter basis) or 0.033% of body weight to ruminants over six months of age (maximum daily intake of 1.5 kg per animal). Feed free choice or control feed by pouring the appropriate amount over the roughage.

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