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Human Issues

  1. Kosovo Trip Report for CARE International. June 2003 (2 September 2003)
  2. Are Western Humanitarian Aid Givers Using the Most Effective Educational Approach to Teach Ukrainians How to Create Wealth? (17 July 1999)
  3. Suggestions on How to Maintain Your Blood Sugar Level to Feel Good All Day - Plus Related Nutritional and Exercise Health Issues. (26 May 1998)
  4. Roy Chapin's Report On His Trip To Finland With Nikolai Senin (22 December 1996, Moscow)
  5. Speech by Roy Chapin to Rectors and Leaders (100+) of the Retraining Academies of Russia Ministry of Food & Agriculture given in Moscow (Kocino-RAMA) (18 December 1996)
  6. Opening remarks (edited) presented at the opening ceremonies of the first seminar of the Russian - American Agribusiness Training Partnership in Moscow (Kocino) by Dr. Roy E. Chapin (24 October 1995)

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