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Comments on the Milk Money Maker Budgeting & Feed Selection Spreadsheet Results for Morozovsky JSC in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia.

There are 38 dairy rations in the Morozovsky Milk Money Maker printout.

Prices inputs for feed ingredients should be made only on the price sheet. Enter your feed costs and then print out the price sheet and the four pages of formulas. Please print out, read and study the five page document that I wrote explaining my (1) Milk Money Maker spreadsheet and my (2) feed nutrient analysis spread sheet. This will take some effort.

The five sheets in the feed nutrient analysis book of spreadsheets can be brought up on the computer screen by toggling the appropriate tab at the bottom of the screen.

Enter milk prices on each ration sheet. Milk prices vary with the seasons. Enter the cost of the Chapin Dairy Base Mix components on the spring pasture sheet only. It links to the rest.

There are four sheets of rations. (1) Siberian Spring Pasture. (2) Siberian Summer Pasture, (3) winter rations using grass hay and corn silage. (4) winter rations using the gold standard for feeding dairy cows - corn silage and alfalfa hay.

On spring pastures, there is little benefit to feeding sunflower meal and depending on the cost, income over feed costs may actually go down. Feeding a protein with high RUP will increase milk production and probably profit. I was told soybean meal was not available at Morozovsky JSC but checking in Novosibirsk indicated it was available at 6 rubles/kg, so I used that price in the MMM, which shows it should be fed. Find out how to buy it.

Vitamins & minerals should be fed. We're working on making the Chapin Dairy Premix available. Multiple deficiencies of vitamins and minerals are apparent. The evaluation of present rations indicates a calcium deficiency & sometimes a phosphorus deficiency. This conclusion is supported by the report of leg problems. Supplement vitamins & minerals.

Summer pasture is really deficient in protein. Feeding sun flower meal and soybean meal will increase milk production and profit. Find if cottonseed meal can be purchased and its price to determine if this is a good option. Finding an affordable protein source is critical.

Winter rations are really deficient in protein, vitamins & minerals. Please note the increase in milk production and profit that can be realized with proper supplementation. Work hard to meet the nutrient needs of the cows during the winter. This will make you money.

Study ration sheet four to see the positive effect on production of feeding good quality alfalfa hay. Determine if feeding alfalfa hay is economically feasible on Morozovsky JSC.

Use the MMM to determine what you can afford to pay for protein. You'll be surprised, particularly during the winter, at how much you can afford to pay for protein supplements.

Study the various rations presented and the predicted economic outcome. Take a pro-active roll, buy some good feed, balance the rations and count your increased amount of money.

I'd like to continue working with Morozovsky JSC. There is great potential there.

Roy Chapin, Ph.D., Animal Nutritionist

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