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Cover Letter to Swine Growers Who Receive Applied Swine Nutrition Basics

TO: Swine Producers in Western Ukraine

FROM: Roy Chapin, USAID, ACDI/VOCA's Cooperative Development Program

SUBJECT: Explanation of Applied Swine Nutrition Basics Manuscript

Accompanying this letter is a nine page executive summary of a 91 page manuscript I wrote for you titled, Applied Swine Nutrition Basics. Please deliver it to serious people interested in swine production. This is written for swine producers in Western Ukraine and is both basic and applied. It is a serious document that will take some study.

The basic thesis is that diets for pigs should have ration protein and lysine adjusted to (1) the genetic potential of the pig to grow muscle, (2) the ambient temperature since pigs eat more feed as the temperature declines and (3) the energy density of the ration.

Part 1 of the manuscript explains the theory with examples and conclusions using diets that supply 3000 kcal of metabolizable energy per kg.

Part 2 contains over 100 formulas using the theory of Part 1 formulated for use in Western Ukraine using ingredients available here. Energy density of the feed varies with ingredients used. Formulas are specific for feeding in five different ambient temperatures - 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 �C. Various protein sources are used including soybean meal, sunflower meal with partial hulls and sunflower meal with full hulls.

Part 3 introduces the Pig Profit Planner using the rations formulated in Part 2 and current market prices in Western Ukraine for feed and market hogs. There are many tables that predicted show animal performance, carcass quality and economics.

Under present market conditions, sunflower meal with partial hulls is your best protein buy with sunflower meal with full hulls and soybean meal being about equal. Wheat rations without added protein do not make you as much money as rations supplemented with adequate protein. Wheat is a better buy than corn. Raising pigs should be profitable if good animal husbandry is practiced including feeding feeds balanced to the genetic potential of the pig to grow muscle, ambient temperature in which the pig lives and the energy density of the ration the pig eats.

If you would like the complete manuscript, please call Nadia Potabenko at:

Or Vasyl Maxim at:

Concentrates and rations plus feeding information are available from our 3 CDP cooperatives in Rivne, Sambir and Zhydachiv.

Best wishes to you in raising pigs and making money doing so. Please read the enclosed.

Roy - Roy Chapin, 11145 Chapin Lane, Amity, Oregon 97101 USA

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