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    1. Importance of Adequate Non Fiber Carbohydrates (Starch & Sugar) for Maximum Microbial Synthesis of Rumen Undegradable Protein (6 June 2004)
    2. Executive Summary of ideas for developing the Ukrainian Feed Industry (17 November 1998)
    3. Roy Chapin Writing on the Benefits of Improving Livestock Rations in Ukraine with Suggestions On How To Do It (16 November 1998)
    4. How can Ukraine expect to have a world class animal industry unless they also have a world class livestock feed industry? (November 1998)
    5. Glucosinolate Test That Can Be Used To Differentiate Between Canola Meal (OK to Feed Livestock) and Rapeseed Meal (NOT OK to Feed to Livestock) (5 July 1996)

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